Happy Easter!

Hey guys! long time no post hu?

Well Cp’s egg hunt is on so go and find some eggs!



I’m… Back

I’m back. Yeah and the reason I am using the colour pink is because I felt the need to use it. I am going to make new GFX for this site, and just do a total make over.

I also declare this site as CP ARMY


I will be redoing this site and using a different account.

I don’t know what I’ll make this into, but it will definitely be epic.


The News on the Island….

For new update…. I should say the following:
January 7th is the new catalog for clothes

January 14th Snow Sports Update

January 14th New Better Igloos Catalog

I’m Yeti576 and have a good day!


Coming soon…

Coming soon to Club Penguin is the new catalog which I’ll be updating..


Today, I see this at the beach:

I see with my eyes a bulletin announcing Coins For Change~!
Let’s have a look see:

Oh my god~! Great job to penguins everywhere~!

Waddle penguins!

The December 2010 Clothing Catolog

Here are the pages and secrets of the catalog of December:

1st page: Click on the “Fee” in Coffee to get the blue fuzzy hat for 250 coins

2nd Page: Click on the Yellow puffle near the aqua penguin to get candy-cane wingwarmers for 100 coins

3rd Page: Click on the top of all three trees to get blue earmuffs for 250 coins, a blue scarf for 175 coins, and blue mittens for 100 coins.

4th page:Click on the most left tree’s 2nd green layer from the top to get the gingerbread costume for400 coins.

5th Page: On the tree’s yellow string, look for an aqua colored circle ball thing next to a purple ball thing too and you’ll get snowboard boots for 275 coins.

I’ll be doing all the newest pages so waddle on, penguins everywhere~!


P.S. New Penguin at Work is the Cake Maker with the blue apron and the chef hat, which you can use to make pizzas. I’m not a member.

Santa wishes you a Happy New Year~! Sorry that this was posted so late….


I wish this website the merry best to be successful~!:D:D:D:D:D