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Joee125’s EPIC edit:


What happen to club penguin spartans?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


Membership and Stadium!

Well guess what the heck I have? I have membership!!! And the stadium has been updated because of the new CP game for the Wii called “Game Day”.

This is the stadium:

And you can click on the instructions billboard and guess what it gives you???

(As you can see there is a new newspaper too I don’t cover news papers because all they will give you is exactly what I give you, though I found something interesting) In the newspaper, it will tell you how to get a stamp in aqua grabber.

Also more stamps are coming Oct. 5 and Oct. 8 there will be a new play at the stage!!!

And here is the game day cover.

Also due to this new stadium appearance there is a new sports catalog too!


This is where the hidden items come in, if you click the cheerleaders foot you will find the red sneakers, if you click the cheerleaders mouth you will get the blue.’

To get the yellow shoes, turn the page and click the yellow cheerleaders foot.

As for the new pin,

It is found in the new cave.

A lot is happening in CP so it is extremely hard for me to keep up. And I do have a life outside CP. So I am sorry if I don’t keep up. Well that’s it! And THANK-YOU all viewers who view this site it means so much.


new iggy catalogue!

cool! checkout the igloo catalogue! It looks soooooooooooooo kewl!


Joee125’s EPIC edit:

Two things Nfuego,

1. Don’t say iggy please… its sounds… well nevermind just don’t say it please

2. Please use proper grammar (this is optional) but it looks better than saying “o thers a new igloo catalog und u shuld check it out”

Anyway, YES THERE’S A NEW CATALOG! And its CP back to school (fail)! Ever had that sudden urge to make your igloo look like a school? Well not me because I for one hate it. Well no I hate the homework. Anyway here is everything you can find in the catalog.

Here is the cover:

CP has made these custom pages where you can decide what color and texture you want the furniture to be.

As for hidden items, here they are.

Kicking off our Hunt for the Hidden Items is the secret Umbrella Chair, found by clicking the mouse.

Next we find the small log table that is found by clicking the first drawer on the Log Drawer.

If you click the top circle on the Modern Art furniture item you will find a climbing wall.

You can find a guitar stand  by clicking the shiny square on the Disco Ball.

On the bottom speaker on the Wall Speaker you can find a Quarter Note.

You can also find a guitar set by clicking  on the middle part between the DJ Table.

As for the Clearance items, you can find a Palm Tree by clicking the watermark of a cash register,

and the last hidden item you can find is… THE HD TV!

This was August or September 2010 Catalog.

Well that’s all for now. Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

I mean, have a Merry Weekend and a Happy School Year!

The Fair has disappeared… DUN DUN!!!

Well it looks like the annual Fall Fair is over, and Rockhopper is gone also. Oh well, there will still be cotton candy next year, and ICE CREAM!!!

Also, since today I had to stay in a car for three hours after school because my brother is going into the marines and my mom had to talk to the Staff Sargent I was inspired to make these:

I salute you people who fight with snow balls and surf boards xD

– Veteran Joee125 of pointless and aimless CP wars

~~Loyal CPS Leader, ACP vet. ,RPF Fugitive (funny story about how I became an RPF terrorist) and soldier (yet I cleared my epic name) And various other organizations~~

New pin & fall fair items!!!

Well more fall fair items are here 😀

Here are the new ones for the non-members/members prize booth in the forest!

As for the members booth:

As for the new pin it is in the book room.

Well that’s it for today oh and…

My pants are on fire,



Re-starting up the site.

New recruits

In Clubpenguin we have an army called CPS ( Clubpenguin Spartans) Its like a member for this website. All you have to do is list down your anwers to the questions plus all those who have joined and are in the rank private will be in the 3rd class of it ( we need to have a war and make people rank up) So those who have joined in the past like 2 months I will put you in the 3rd class thats all and new catalogs coming Friday