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Joee125’s EPIC edit:


What happen to club penguin spartans?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


Membership and Stadium!

Well guess what the heck I have? I have membership!!! And the stadium has been updated because of the new CP game for the Wii called “Game Day”.

This is the stadium:

And you can click on the instructions billboard and guess what it gives you???

(As you can see there is a new newspaper too I don’t cover news papers because all they will give you is exactly what I give you, though I found something interesting) In the newspaper, it will tell you how to get a stamp in aqua grabber.

Also more stamps are coming Oct. 5 and Oct. 8 there will be a new play at the stage!!!

And here is the game day cover.

Also due to this new stadium appearance there is a new sports catalog too!


This is where the hidden items come in, if you click the cheerleaders foot you will find the red sneakers, if you click the cheerleaders mouth you will get the blue.’

To get the yellow shoes, turn the page and click the yellow cheerleaders foot.

As for the new pin,

It is found in the new cave.

A lot is happening in CP so it is extremely hard for me to keep up. And I do have a life outside CP. So I am sorry if I don’t keep up. Well that’s it! And THANK-YOU all viewers who view this site it means so much.


New pin & fall fair items!!!

Well more fall fair items are here 😀

Here are the new ones for the non-members/members prize booth in the forest!

As for the members booth:

As for the new pin it is in the book room.

Well that’s it for today oh and…

My pants are on fire,


The Fair is here! (I know I’m late xD)

Well this is the third annual fall fair, let me help you out with a few things.

First of all Rockhopper is back. He brought some cool stuff with him (by the way if you are new he is docked at the beach). His rare items are of magic :D. Here’s a pic of the items you can obtain:

And as I said before the Fall Fair is back! Here are the prizes for members and non-members, it is located in the forest.

For members, you are allowed to go into the Circus Tent and get more privileges as for prizes.

Inside are different puffle acts which you can select by well, clicking.

A good way to get tickets is by playing “Ring The Bell” if you play it 4 times you will get 100 (if you win) and it will only take a minute.

The ice berg is epic too.

As for field op stand under the Clock tower and your EPF phone will ring. Pick it up and do the small maze with the computer chip.

Well thanks for viewing AllCheats4CP!!! 😀

-Joee125 a.k.a. Webkinez

P.S. Also, thank Jip248 for allowing me to use his account for the pics of membership places, since I do not have membership as of today.

P.S.S. Like my ice cream shop? Its perty.


Re-starting up the site.

Sweet blog ,Strikers Vice president ,new pin ,and how much we get paid

 Okay I found this sweet blog called http://newclubpenguinplay.wordpress.com/ Striker is Vice president the new pin is in the dojo courtyard pin  and for getting paid as a secret agent and your guide we get 250 each a month so if your both then you get 500 a month!!!!!

I did this quickly


Free Club Penguin Membership

Hey I’m back and here’s how to get free club penguin memberships without hacking!

Go to prizerebel.com

Sign up with fake info except your email.

Do a couple of surveys till you get 6 or something points.

Go to the prizes available and you should be able to get a cp membership!

(This also works with XBL memberships, wii games, etc)

And remember to join on the join page and if you join please stay active.

Also, patrol our base server (Blizzard) when you’re on and say search Club Penguin Spartans or Join Club Penguin Spartans here, stuff like that.

We Fight For Your Freedom.