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Joee125’s EPIC edit:


What happen to club penguin spartans?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Membership and Stadium!

Well guess what the heck I have? I have membership!!! And the stadium has been updated because of the new CP game for the Wii called “Game Day”.

This is the stadium:

And you can click on the instructions billboard and guess what it gives you???

(As you can see there is a new newspaper too I don’t cover news papers because all they will give you is exactly what I give you, though I found something interesting) In the newspaper, it will tell you how to get a stamp in aqua grabber.

Also more stamps are coming Oct. 5 and Oct. 8 there will be a new play at the stage!!!

And here is the game day cover.

Also due to this new stadium appearance there is a new sports catalog too!


This is where the hidden items come in, if you click the cheerleaders foot you will find the red sneakers, if you click the cheerleaders mouth you will get the blue.’

To get the yellow shoes, turn the page and click the yellow cheerleaders foot.

As for the new pin,

It is found in the new cave.

A lot is happening in CP so it is extremely hard for me to keep up. And I do have a life outside CP. So I am sorry if I don’t keep up. Well that’s it! And THANK-YOU all viewers who view this site it means so much.


Field Op 14

The new field op is here!!!

To install the first part go to the tip of the ice berg

and your phone should ring.

Click it and this should pop up:

Read the directions first, then click engage and play!

That’s all for now! You can buy Elite Gear if you are a member. Also I will do my best to get my membership back on CP.

As for my comics that fail, here’s one that will for sure bring a smile to your face since its so stinkin’ randomly stupid!!!

I love waffles.

The Fair has disappeared… DUN DUN!!!

Well it looks like the annual Fall Fair is over, and Rockhopper is gone also. Oh well, there will still be cotton candy next year, and ICE CREAM!!!

Also, since today I had to stay in a car for three hours after school because my brother is going into the marines and my mom had to talk to the Staff Sargent I was inspired to make these:

I salute you people who fight with snow balls and surf boards xD

- Veteran Joee125 of pointless and aimless CP wars

~~Loyal CPS Leader, ACP vet. ,RPF Fugitive (funny story about how I became an RPF terrorist) and soldier (yet I cleared my epic name) And various other organizations~~

New pin & fall fair items!!!

Well more fall fair items are here :D

Here are the new ones for the non-members/members prize booth in the forest!

As for the members booth:

As for the new pin it is in the book room.

Well that’s it for today oh and…

My pants are on fire,


Field Op 13

Well the latest field op is here.

First, you need to go and receive your mission from the Field Ops screen in HQ.

You are sent off to find a broken vehicle and retrieve the data from it so that it does not fall into enemy hands.

Guess where your mission leads you? To that secret cave. Walk over and stand on the broken Aqua Grabber.

Your spy phone should ring and turn green. Open it, read the instructions, and play! Here’s of picture of the game (you have to match the two thingamajigs):

You see the bottom  purple would match the the top purple, just move with your arrow keys.

Well that’s all…

With Lots of Laughs,


The Fair is here! (I know I’m late xD)

Well this is the third annual fall fair, let me help you out with a few things.

First of all Rockhopper is back. He brought some cool stuff with him (by the way if you are new he is docked at the beach). His rare items are of magic :D. Here’s a pic of the items you can obtain:

And as I said before the Fall Fair is back! Here are the prizes for members and non-members, it is located in the forest.

For members, you are allowed to go into the Circus Tent and get more privileges as for prizes.

Inside are different puffle acts which you can select by well, clicking.

A good way to get tickets is by playing “Ring The Bell” if you play it 4 times you will get 100 (if you win) and it will only take a minute.

The ice berg is epic too.

As for field op stand under the Clock tower and your EPF phone will ring. Pick it up and do the small maze with the computer chip.

Well thanks for viewing AllCheats4CP!!! :D

-Joee125 a.k.a. Webkinez

P.S. Also, thank Jip248 for allowing me to use his account for the pics of membership places, since I do not have membership as of today.

P.S.S. Like my ice cream shop? Its perty.


Re-starting up the site.

Sweet blog ,Strikers Vice president ,new pin ,and how much we get paid

 Okay I found this sweet blog called http://newclubpenguinplay.wordpress.com/ Striker is Vice president the new pin is in the dojo courtyard pin  and for getting paid as a secret agent and your guide we get 250 each a month so if your both then you get 500 a month!!!!!

I did this quickly


ALERT! And World war is finally here!

I am posting this from my grandmas computer.

I will not have any computer for an undecided amount of time.
The reason is my mums computer isn’t working because it’s like the first XP ever invented.
And my new one isn’t working because my brother “accidently” changed the voltage and overloading the power in search for a restart switch.
11dustin999, Joee125, Haloguy1013, and Lime are now temporary leaders of the Spartans.
I’m also making new squads for the ranks, Joee leads the war squad, they are main troopers in war.
I lead Tactics and Tech squad, they make the strategys and also fight in wars, and Haloguy1013 is the leader of the other squad which I haven’t decided what it will do or what it will be called.
Lime is on trial for suspicion of banning Joee, so he is now going to be trialed at a meeting on chat to be schedueled soon.



The consensus is that we should do “Nations”, as well as teams. Which means, we will be using the map below. Commando also made an awesome version right below it











Available for other armies

Commando’s Map

Here are the other rooms that small armies can claim (one per small army, two per medium army [check with me], but more than one can be in one place). Comment if you want one.

Boiler Room – USCP, MTCP
Cave – USCP, IFA
Dojo – MCP
Dojo Courtyard – MCP, CPP
Iceberg – PACP, Kingsofclubpenguin
Mine – UACP
Mine Shack – Chowchamps
Ninja Hideout – SACP
It was also voted that we use teams, so I thought of a way that I think will work nicely.

First I ranked the armies by size to make fair teams:

ACP Nachos

RPF/UMA (Couldn’t Decide)

IW/WW (Couldn’t Decide)

CPS with any army (Sucked in guys) 
I split ACP and the Nachos up to be “captains” so that the two strongest armies aren’t on the same side. After that, I just said RPF and UMA are about equal, and IW and WW are about equal, so from looking at the map, we have ACP, RPF, and IW on the left side and the Nachos, UMA, and WW and CPS and BB on the right side. I think it will be easier if the teams are starting around the same area (now it’s like two huge continents). Plus, I like that we are mixing up the teams a bit since the last one was ACP, UMA, and WW vs. Nachos, RPF, and IW. Now the question is, what do we do with the smaller armies?

Let me know what you think about that one in a comment.

While you ponder that, here is the rest of the info:

Date: February 28th, 2009


4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

Location: Summit, USRPF Territory, Everywhere

Sides: Anybody who shows up Vs. Anybody who shows up

Reason: To Have A War

Invited: Everybody, Every Army

Hosted Chat: http://xat.com/armycentral (We’re going to use a chat, so then people who show up can either verbally fight if wished and so leaders who show up can figure out who they want as allies to make up sides- if they want) – I want ACP to focus on commands given on CP……… You must be on CPS chat and army central chat.

You know, for “secret plan” reasons.


Ok, now Commando and I both agree we need a better (according to Commando, more metal) name for this, because World War for Fun sounds too happy lol.

That is all.


I’m back in buisness

Hey everyone, I’m back.
Well, I wasn’t really away I was just trying to get the new computers internet up! :wink:
Your orders stay the same, this is just being my first post from my new computer.

Well, cya!


Free Club Penguin Membership

Hey I’m back and here’s how to get free club penguin memberships without hacking!

Go to prizerebel.com

Sign up with fake info except your email.

Do a couple of surveys till you get 6 or something points.

Go to the prizes available and you should be able to get a cp membership!

(This also works with XBL memberships, wii games, etc)

And remember to join on the join page and if you join please stay active.

Also, patrol our base server (Blizzard) when you’re on and say search Club Penguin Spartans or Join Club Penguin Spartans here, stuff like that.

We Fight For Your Freedom.




Hey guys.
Sorry for not posting in a while.
I’m going away to my dads for three whole weeks so Joee 125 has agreed to post for me when his internet is up.
Also, he may make a war.
And we’re gonna be having a war against RBAA when I get back.

That’s all

Fight For Your Freedom

Peace out


New Header.

Hey guys, what do you think of the new header?

Comment if you think I should keep it or change.

And also Joee 2 things, your allowed to post and edit whatever you want.

Also, I know you said CPS was taken but at the momment they’re inactive, so I’ll try it out. If they come back from inactivity, I’ll talk to them about with you. If you really don’t want me to use it, just tell me.

Also, heres my new music vid that took me ages to make.  And, the chat link for everyone to use, CLICK HERE

That’s all.

Fight For Your Freedom

Peace Out


PS: Look down for army news.

RPF VS CPW ( Look at some bottom pics, RPF are telling me jokes and staring at me)

Pics are from

And also


Here’s a post that Icey made:

Well, during this battle, BB cheated. 1. They used allies. I never knew you could have allies during this war. So, I dont know why BB won. Honestly, IW won. At the begining we had chat problems. Another thing that happened is we didnt know the actualy time of the battle. I thought it was at 2:00 PM Eastern, so we had less troops then we would have actualy had. I asked 25 Ice Warriors about this tournament, 18/20 said IW won because of BB usuing allies, making us weaker during the war. So bob, let out the truth instead of lieing.

The truth-

Black Jackets and Shaodw Troopers helped BB in the beginign to weaken us.

Our chat got messed up at the begining of the battle.

Our troops thought the battle was at 2:00PM Eastern.

So, where going to have a REMATCH.

Where: North Pole Snow Forts

When: Saturday


Eastern: 12:00 P.M.

Central: 11:00 A.M.

Mountain: 10:00 A.M.

Pacific: 9:00 A.M.

UK: 5:00 P.M.

~We Bring Peace~

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Black Bandits had a different point of view:

Way to go BB!!!!!! Oh my god I cant tell you how proud I am of all you who showed! We upset the IW!! Ok and our next battle in the Christmas Tournament is the RPF. I would like all BB to atend the semi-finals if possible.

WW VS Nachos

“No Pics”

Nachos win 7-4


As we were battling there was also another great and very close battle against the UMA vs. ACP. The Acp and Uma put on a tough fight. The Acp would score then Uma right back at them. And yet there is only one spot for one winner.


At 10:59 almost 11:00 PST it started the Army of Club Penguin struck with a mighty charge/ joke bomb. That made it 1-0. Then Uma escaped and defended the bottom at the chat bar for 5 minutes so Acp could not cover them, tieing it up, 1-1. By the half mark, it was 4-3 Acp…


Just like it went the whole battle. The Uma then tied it up 4-4, then the Acp took the lead, 5-4 Acp. Then Uma tied it up at the very end making it  5-5 All. At 5-5 the battle was over.


11:30 sharp, ending the battle. The pics were in and now were being discussed who will go on. It was 5-5 and it came down to count the troops in the pictures.

  • 1st pic ~ 28 Uma   23 Acp
  • Last pic~ 18 Uma   26 Acp

The pics averaged the same, 23! The judges couldn’t believe this. It was almost a flat out tie! The middle pick decided everything.

Judge Sriv’s count~ 19 Uma Troops

Now all Acp needed was more then 19 troops then Acp would move on. But the count was………………………26 troops!!

Congratulations to the ACP! Acp will move on to the semi-finals to face Nachos. Here is all the information for the Nachos vs. ACP battle.

Division I Semi-Finals Battle-

ACP vs Nachos

  • Sever:Sleet, Snowforts
  • When: Saturday, Dec. 13


  • 12:00 pm Pacific
  • 1:00 pm Mountain
  • 2:00 pm Central
  • 3:00 pm Eastern

This battle will be 35 minutes long. Just an extra 5 minutes to have some more fun

Well, that’s all.

Peace Out



Vote for me as the mayor of this ACP server:

Click Here To Vote For Me


There’s armies changed around on the list:

Allies: (Armies who want to PROTECT Club Penguin)
Robin Hoods.

Conquerors: (Armies who want to take over club penguin)
Black Bandits
Ice Warriors.


EPF, an army that commented, (sounds like pretty loyal soldiers) have been added to the Allies list, as has UMA.

Also, CPW has been added to conquerors.


We also got like 5 new soldiers in about 3 days.
That’s pretty good. Even though compared to armies like ACP who like get 5 new EVERY day, it’s good for a new army.
Look at the new ranks page I added for the ranks and I’m currently working on a Join page.


Keep in mind, that CPWW4 hasn’t started yet, after the tournament (If you haven’t seen it, look down) is about when it’ll start.


I’m having an editor contest. If you have already signed up to wordpress, comment with the email you signed up with.
If you haven’t signed up, Click Here

The editors will be picked randomly and also the editors will get ranked up.

Also, you will be a mod/owner on the chat I’m working on.


Here’s the post that ACP made:

Oagal: Here is the “title” you can put in front of your chat names, to distinguish us during the tournament:


If that’s too big for you, you can just have:


Shab Edit 2: I found out that an army called shadow troops says they own: Parka,Tundra,Thermal,Mittens,Snow Fort,Summit. Mittens is owned by uma and acp. Snow Fort is acp’s. Tundra is ww,rpf, and bb. Should we do something about them and make them get new servers or should we just ignore them? http://shadowtroops.wordpress.com/

PS: Boomer should we give or get cpaf some servers of their own??

Shab: Boomer when you come on I have to talk to you about some site updates.


Division I: (Saturday, December 6, 11:00am – 11:30am PST)

* Battle A: ACP vs. UMA
* Battle B: WW vs. Nachos

Division II: (Sunday, December 7, 1:00pm – 1:30pm PST)

* Battle C: Ice Warriors vs BB
* Battle D: CPW vs RPF

Good luck, everyone!

That post was from the ACP Website

Try to be there for CPS to aid ACP.

Striker214 Out.

Peace Out


Hello everyone.
A World War 4 started on Club Penguin.

Many people tried to stop this but many armies didn’t.
I, Striker214, am always ready for a war.
If you are with me and ready to fight to protect Club Penguin with the Club Penguin Spartans (CPS), comment on this post if you’re in or out.
Here are only SOME of the probable teams.

Allies: (Armies who want to PROTECT Club Penguin)
Robin Hoods.

Conquerors: (Armies who want to take over club penguin)
Black Bandits
Ice Warriors.


As I said, these are only SOME of the armies.
If you want to help out or take over club penguin.
Comment with your armies.


I’m bringing in a new concept of, ummm, well, snowball throwing??
Anyway, these are some new weapons outfitted to main CPS soldiers:

Snowball Shield:
This shield can take the punishment of 20 snowballs before it maxes out and has to charge for 5 minutes before it can be used again.

Deflector Shield:
This shield deflects snowballs back at the enemy army for 1 minute before it maxes out and has to charged for 10 minutes before used again.

Peace Maker:
This snowball gun can charge up to shoot 10 snowballs at once before it maxes out and has to charge for 30 seconds before used again.

Blaster Rifle:

This is a standard snowball machine gun with an ammo capacity of 500 with 100 in each magazine.

If you get promoted you might get these extras.

Ghille Suit:

This is a camo suit stuck with leaves, branches, etc.

Sniper Rifle:

This shoots snowballs up to the length of 500 meters. (Length of dojo)


We will be having an election for ranks once it builds up.


More later.

Peace Out.


Halloween Party!


Here’s some Halloween cheats.

Ok, here is how to find the secret laboratory room for Halloween. To enter the secret laboratory, you MUST be a member. Sadly, people who aren’t members cannot go in. First, go to the Book Room and then click on the Green candle.

After you click the Green candle, click on the secret entrance with a yellow glow coming from it.

If you manage to get into the secret laboratory, you will be able to receive a free Lantern! It can be found in the lower left of the laboratory. Take a look.

Cool, huh? Ok, now, here are the Halloween Candy Hunt cheats! I will show you where every piece of candy is.

First, you need to start by getting the candy bucket at the Snow Forts. It will be right above your spy phone.

While you are at the Snow Forts, click on the Blue flag.

Then click on the chocolate candy.

Then go to the Dance Lounge and click on the lamp.

Now click on the candy corn that pops out of the lamp.

Now go to the Lodge Attic and click on the Blue box.

Now click on the Red lollipop that comes out of the box.

Then go to the Plaza and click on the Green stuff in the pot.

Now click on the Pink candy that floats out to the top of the pot.

Now go to the Cove and click on the Caution sign.

Now click on the Orange pumpkin that flies out from behind the sign.

Now go to the Iceberg and click on the Green glowing things.

Then click on the chocolate candy.

Now go to the Lighthouse and wait for the lighting to strike 3 times. Then click on the Candy Apple.

Then go to the Book Room and click on the book.

You have now found all of the treats! To claim your free Giant Pumpkin Background, click on the Jack O Lantern on the top right corner of the room. Then click on “Claim Prize”.

(Credit To Spq96)

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Hey everyone! Today a new issue of the Club Penguin Times was released. It has some pretty cool articles and features in it. Ok, the first article it has in the newspaper is a short Halloween article with tips on how to have fun in Club Penguin this Halloween!

There are also more Halloween igloo decorating contest winners in the newspaper. Here are a few other people who won the Halloween igloo decorating contest. Whitejeidi, Acfa, Tidalwave11, Smsmp, Red Zackary, Qwackers10, Hughmika, Pepita678, Dvd210, and Mycatsandme! Congratulations to all of the winners! You can also find even MORE winners in the newspaper. The winners of the contest can be found on page A4 of the newspaper.

There is also a bonues puzzle in the newspaper! Take a look at the new “Rad Scientist Lab” puzzle.

Cool, huh? If you check one of the boxes in each area and click done, it will come up with a cool story. )

Ok, the last thing I will show you is the upcoming events. So here are the Upcoming events for the end of October and the beginning of November!

November 5-6, 2008

  • Fireworks celebration

November 7, 2008

  • New clothing catalog & wigs catalog
  • New hidden pin

Eh, not many upcoming events. I guess because of the Halloween party and the new play at the Stage being delayed. Yep, that’s right. The current Space Adventure play is staying until November 21. ( Also, tomorrow is Halloween! Who are you dressing up as this year?

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and waddle on!


October 29, 2008

Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats & Secrets!

Hey everyone! Today the Halloween party arrived to Club Penguin. So here are the cheats & secrets!

Ok, here is how to find the secret laboratory room for Halloween. To enter the secret laboratory, you MUST be a member. Sadly, people who aren’t members cannot go in. First, go to the Book Room and then click on the Green candle.

After you click the Green candle, click on the secret entrance with a yellow glow coming from it.

If you manage to get into the secret laboratory, you will be able to receive a free Lantern! It can be found in the lower left of the laboratory. Take a look.

Cool, huh? Ok, now, here are the Halloween Candy Hunt cheats! I will show you where every piece of candy is.

First, you need to start by getting the candy bucket at the Snow Forts. It will be right above your spy phone.

While you are at the Snow Forts, click on the Blue flag.

Then click on the chocolate candy.

Then go to the Dance Lounge and click on the lamp.

Now click on the candy corn that pops out of the lamp.

Now go to the Lodge Attic and click on the Blue box.

Now click on the Red lollipop that comes out of the box.

Then go to the Plaza and click on the Green stuff in the pot.

Now click on the Pink candy that floats out to the top of the pot.

Now go to the Cove and click on the Caution sign.

Now click on the Orange pumpkin that flies out from behind the sign.

Now go to the Iceberg and click on the Green glowing things.

Then click on the chocolate candy.

Now go to the Lighthouse and wait for the lighting to strike 3 times. Then click on the Candy Apple.

Then go to the Book Room and click on the book.

You have now found all of the treats! To claim your free Giant Pumpkin Background, click on the Jack O Lantern on the top right corner of the room. Then click on “Claim Prize”.

I’m coming out with a new video called ” Night Of The Living Penguin “

And also, I might be having a Club Penguin Halloween Party.


New Video.

Hey guys, there’s a new video out. (me of course)
Also, I’m going to my dads for the holidays so I’ll be away for nine days.
I recommend going to one of the sites on my blogroll for news and updates.

Thats All.


Also Party times:

29th of this month.

5:30 PM Eastern Time. At the dojo in frozen.

Be there.


Hello Penguins!


They fixed it and it now bans penguins if you try. :(

For those of you who did use it, You are lucky. They do not remove the coins. I myself still have one million.

Sorry for the people who missed out.


New Cheat

Theres a new cheat out. Maybe you know it, maybe not.

What you do is go into Dj3K and click the wall. Then press Tab until the yellow square is around the X.
Then hold enter for approx one minute and thirty seconds.

Happy coin making!


Party………. A BIG FAILURE!

The party was a failure due to cp problems, it seems like most of us had it……..
Here’s a poll to see if we should do it again:

Do you think we should do our 200,000 hits party again?
( polls)

Computer Problems (at the worst possible time!)

PARTY DATES! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AUGUST 2, 2008.


2:00 P.M.








The Music Jam 2008 is here!

There’s items at the Snow Forts for MEMBERS ONLY!

There’s a backstage in the Dance Lounge.

I can’t post any more right now, see YOU! at the party!

Peace Out



200,000 Hits Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo everyone, are you all as excited as I about the 200,000 hits party?
Only 1,000 more hits until we hit gold. Keep em’ coming!


New Music Video + Holidaayyyssss

Hey, my new music video is out!

Remember! Double click to watch it so you can comment, rate, and subscribe for some more awesome videos!

Annnddd, I got Xbox Live! I’m more often playing Halo 2 on system link though.

My user is xxStriker214xx

Oh, and, Michaelb1996, to be a contributor, you need three things:

#1. A wordpress account

#2. You need to give me the email address you used to sign up.

#3. It means you’ll be a part of this site, which means, you can work your way up ranks, maybe even be an admin someday.

Also, I’m going on a holiday to my dads for school holidays.

Which means I can’t post for a week or something.

I recommend going to wweadam.com supposedcp.wordpress.com or watex.wordpress.com

That’s all

Peace Out


And the winner is………….

Sorry about the wait guys, I’ve supposedly broken my shin at soccer.

Here’s the winner of the Club Penguin Commenting Conest!!!!!!!!!

Drumroll please…………*drumroll*



You get to choose one of the prizes!

Oh and by the way, a contributor is someone who makes posts but needs them to be approved first.

Happy Choosing!



Hey pengs, there’s been an earthquake in Club Penguin and I’m proud to be the first to announce it!
Here’s some pictures:

Me and one of my Best Friends Supposed2 hanging out and checkin’ it out in the town

The Dance Club:

The Dance Lounge:

The Gift Shop:

The Coffee Shop:

The Book Room:

I’ll be postin’ Furniture catalog cheats later and ALSO the winner of the Club Penguin contest!

Peace Out



Hey everyone. Every 15 minutes, Klutzy (The Evil Crab!) appears holding a green light at the Mine. What could that mean? Is it the crab in the missions? Does this have to do anything with the Penguin Secret Agency? Well, we can’t find out until the new mission comes out! Here’s an animation of the crab:
(By Snow Dobby)

Also, we will be having a Club Penguin Competition! You have to comment lots of times. The person who makes the most commens until Friday, will be the Grand Prize Winner! You can talk about Club Penguin, or response to other people’s comments!! The Prizes You Can Choose From Are..

  • Be A Contributor On This Awesome Blog.
  • Be On Our Blogroll For 2 Weeks.
  • Dance In A Video With Striker214.
  • Add Striker214 and 11dustin999 In Your Buddy List.
  • Here are the rules for commenting:
  • No spamming. Spamming means saying pointless things, or saying one letter or word at time. Or something like this->jhgjhgkygse
  • No Commenting Numbers. (1,2,3,4,etc.)
  • No Saying Bad Words or Sexual, Alcoohol, or Drug Related Talk
  • Do not be mean.
  • You are not allowed to use a comment trainer or any third party program to comment lots of times.
  • This is like a HUGE chatbox. You can reply to other people’s comments.

Start commenting everyone!! And remember, the competition ends when I post next 2-4 days! I bet someone will comment about 1000 times, so start commenting!

The party we have all been waiting for has finally arrived on the Club Penguin island. And I’m here to show you guys all the secrets you guys want to see! But before I do so, I must say that the decorations are great!

For starter’s, there’s a room just for the Water Party! Go to the Iceberg, and go to the left blue looking thing.

You will wind up at the following place!

Also, the Ice Cream Apron is back from last year’s party. You can find it at the Plaza:

Inside the Mine, there is a movie on the Summer Party last year. It shows you how the Water Party begun. There is also a picture on the wall about it. Here is an animation of the movie (sorry that it stops during the middle of the film):

(Thanks Again Snow Dobby)

Another free item is the Shell Necklace located at the Beach.

If try throwing a snowball, you will throw a water balloon instead:

The Ice Rink has turned into a pool! Also, instead of a puck, there is a polo ball. There is a glitch which allows you to walk underneath the ball, which looks really funny!!

Also, wherever you go, you can find a water hose on the lower-right corner of your screen. If you click on it, you can throw water, which is really AWESOME!!

Don’t you wonder where did all this water come from?? Well… the answer is at the Boiler Room!! Go and find Out!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the new stage play!

The stage is called “The Penguins That Time Forgot”, which is about prehistoric times. It’s really cool because you can see how Club Penguin was during prehistoric times!! Here is a picture of the new play (click to Enlarge):

And with a new stage comes a new catalog with costumes. Here they are.

* Cheap Time Traveler Hat (10 coins only)

* Big Brow (50 coins)
* Tiger Cave Toga (350 coins)
* The Fern Fuzz Wig (450 coins)
* Primitive Necklace (100 coins)
* Zebra Cave Toga (350 coins)

* Grass Skirt (200 coins)
* Blue Tiki Mask (300 coins)
* Pink Tiki Mask (300 coins)

* Director’s Hat (250 coins)
* Volcanic Background (60 coins)

That’s All

Peace Out


* Club Penguin has a new logo:

Cp New Logo

* The log in screen is a quite dark blue:

Dark Blue Log-on

* When you click on the question mark (?) on Club Penguin, you can find a link to manage your account from there. (become a member, change password, ultimate safe chat mode, etc.)

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I suppose you’re wondering where your prize is,right?

Well Club Penguin are saying that they have to add a New Feature to give it to us.

Maybe this new feature is a gift option? Or a Club Penguin Trading Post? lol

Here’s a list of the things on Club Penguin now.

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Fun Stuff – Community

Submit your artwork, get new desktop wallpapers, coloring pages and the latest comics. You can access the Club Penguin Blog or The Club Penguin Improvement Project Blog through here, or even vote at the club penguin poll! You can also submit your own fan art! There are also some new cool banners to put on your website or blog! ;)

* The Club Penguin Developers Blog
* Fan Art
* Submit Your Own Fan Art
* Comics
* Activities-Coloring Pages
* Wallpapers
* Banners
* The Club Penguin Poll
* The Club Penguin Improvement Project Blog


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# Membership FAQ

Online Shop

Take Club Penguin with you. Check out the shop to see the latest in penguin gear.

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Find answers to the most frequent questions about Club Penguin. Updated weekly.

* Help & Tutorials
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o Navigation
o Your Igloo
o Penguin Coins
o Newspaper
o Characters
o Special Roles
o Secrets
o Your Account
o Other Penguins
o Puffles
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* Frequently Asked Questions
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o Become a moderator
o Club Penguin Rules
o Membership FAQ
o Comments And Questions
* Technical Questions
o I’m asked to clear my cache?
o I’ve cleared my cache, but I’m getting the same error message!
o Remember me does not work?
o Loading takes forever?
o The game is running slowly?
o Some parts of the game aren’t appearing on my screen?
o My connection is slow?
o I need to know how fast my connection should be?
o I can’t connect to the server?
o I have username or password errors?
o I lost my connection?
o I’m not sure what kind of computer I should be using?


Learn more about Club Penguin in this section designed for parents of penguins.
# Club Penguin Guide
# What People Are Saying
# Player Safety
# Global Citizenship

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That’s all for now.



Hi everyone, here I am and I’m back

Let’s get started:

Catalog Secrets:
I don’t have enough time to post pictures so…… Click on the penguins teeth that is holding the ties for the Cheesy Necktie.

Click on the Pot O Gold for the Red Viking Helm. Open and close it 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helm.

Click on the bubble towards the middle of the page on page 6 to get the Green Snorkle.
That’s all the catalog secrets.

The new pin is at the mine shaft, it’s on the bottom left of the shed (Near the water box)

That’s all for now

Peace Out


Hey Y’all

Hey everyone. My name is Striker214.

I’ll be updating this site now for Taco Man (Eggyeggs76)

From now on I’ll be posting catalog secrets, club penguin news, where the current pin is, and a whole lot more. I hope you like it.

I’ll try to answer your questions as good as I can.

Here’s a little bit about me:

Club Penguin Username:Striker214

Favorite Servers: Mammoth, Frozen.

What I like to do on club penguin: I like to participate in wars at the dojo and hang out at the dock with my buddies and sometimes my fans.

I also have a youtube account, go here and subscribe.(Click The Link) My Youtube AccountI
I have a wordpress blog too! My Website

Here’s the current catalog secrets:
Click on the admirals pin for the green snorkel!
Green Snorkle
Click on the pearl necklace for the “Red Viking Helmet”
Red Viking Helm
/>Open and close the viking helmet 4 times for the “Blue Viking Helmet”
Blue Viking Helm
There’s four new backgrounds, the brick is an old one though.
Theres sunglasses. Blue ones were in the catalog before, red were a free item.

Farewell Party For Eggyeggys76:

Time:I will open my igloo at EXACTLY  Noon, it should say friday on the clock.   NOTE: PST Time and days, check the mammoth snow forts.
Place: Striker214’s igloo. Might be moving around club penguin so keep an eye on me.

Reason: Farewell party for Eggyeggs76 because he’s quitting club penguin

I will be filming this if enough people come. Have Fun

That’s all I have time for.

Peace Out


Money Cheat

Hi everyone, I’ve just been added to this blog and I want to help Eggyeggs by giving him my best cheat! Here’s how you do it……….

Log in to club penguin,

Get a lot of coins,

Log out,

Log in(Again)

Buy all you can with your money,

Disconnect yourself,

Log back in,

You’ll have the same money but still have the items you bought


Weird . . .

Look at this pic. I’ve never seen this before. In blue are all the light man’s and in red is the real light man.



So when you are doing a fall fair game and you’re done, press the done button twice and you get double the tickets! When the error screen comes up press ok, not enable.

Oh. And when you get everything, wait a couple seconds and a string will come down. Click it.

3rd round

i have made it to the 4th round on http://cpsnexttopmodel.wordpress.com/ keep on voting for me

Current Contests page

The newspaper has been fixed (the events page has nothing wrong with it now). So, now all people have to do is compare the current one with the one on the page and they’ll figure it out. So, the contest is canceled.


Find any mistakes in the newspaper? Well, I did. Look carefully.

In other news, I have changed the Fake or real and find me page to the ‘current contests’ page. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!

In other news, Rockhopper’s comin again on the 17th.

In other news, I’m goin on vacation this Sunday. :( Luckily, I will be back before the 17th. So I won’t miss a thing on cp :-)

CP Update

free water wings


new pin at pizza parlor

cart-surfer-pin.pngnew iglloo and furniture catalog


I actually meant to post this 3 months ago:

I found more glitches!

They are . . . .

1. You can still dance with the news! Just not the same way and nobody but you can see you doing it:


2. Talk with the news: (Nobody but you can see you doing it)


3. Talk and dance with the news: (Nobody but you can see you doing it)


4. News . . . No News. (People see you without reading it)


How do I do them? To find out, reach our next goal. . . .

Glitches and Game

Well, this post has nothing but bad news. :( Here it is:

1.) Club Penguin is finding almost every glitch! Here are the ONLY glitches. And when I mean only, I mean only!

-Stand on pathway (see earlier post)
-Walk over door in Ice Rink (do Bunny Hill thing. Go to Ice Rink. Press Tab and then click over door)
-Stand on speaker in Night Club that leads to Boiler Room (press tab then click on speaker)

2.) Stupid cp service! The game probably isn’t going to come until 8:00, and I’ll be at school by then! I’ll have cheats for the game after school (hopefully I’ll find some) :)

No Penguin

Wanna know how to get your penguin to look like this?


Well, your in luck. Follow these steps:

1.) Have your penguin saved on your computer.
2.) Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com.
3.) Click on your saved penguin.
4.) Click on ‘Forgot your password?’

For a split second or two, your penguin will disappear, leaving only your clothes!

NOTE: If you want to look EXACTALLY like the penguin in the pic, look just like me in this pic (I’m circled in green).


Words Flash

To make your words flash, say, “green commander of _______” (in the blank you put whatever word(s) you want).

You cannot say the same word more than twice in a row.
You must say a real word.
For example, you cannot say, “djfkldjflkdjfkdljf”.

Have fun!

New Glitches

Today I found at new glitches:

1. To nub without using the SWF page, click and hold the chat bar. Then drag your mouse over where it says “Lost your Password” (not letting go of your mouse). Now let go of your mouse and click “Lost your Password”. NOTE: Only works in some places.

2. On the glitch where you sit on the path in town and sit on the doorways, you don’t have to press ‘w’. You can press any letter!


First, go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf.

Now press F11 and click on the white space underneath the chatbox and then click F11 again.


Log On as 2 penguins

You must have the two penguins saved on your computer.

Log on as one penguin normally. Then don’t log off but open up a new Internet and bring up Club Penguin. Press Start and then keep pressing Tab until you reach the penguin you want to log on as (you can’t log on as the same penguin as you are already on). Press Enter. Keep doing the Tab and Enter to choose a country and server.

Time Warp

Double click the time at the bottom of the screen. Change the year to the future. Your penguin will now be older!

Here is a photo of where the time is on your screen:

Click on picture:

Easter Egg Hunt Password

The password for the Easter Egg Hunt is eggs. If you want to do the Easter Egg Hunt on your own, don’t type in the password.


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